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The builders of the Walnut Hill Townhomes collectively have over 90 years of development and construction experience. Dale Mabee, Don & Mike Moon are recognized as some of the areas most distinguished builders and developers. The homes they have built and the communities they have developed are well known for their quality and desirability. All of the partners have long track records of professionalism which are not only reflected in the quality of their finished products and the service rendered to their customers, but by their participation in leadership roles in the homebuilding industry’s professional organizations. All have served in the capacity of President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga over the years and currently serve on its board of directors. Additionally, they have all served in various capacities in the industry’s state and national organizations and have received numerous recognitions including Builder of the Year and Developer of the Year. Both Don and Mike Moon hold Graduate Master Builder Designations from the Home Builder Institute of the National Home Builders Association. Dale Mabee and Mike Moon both hold Certified Green Builder Professional Designations from the University of Housing of the National Home Builders Association. Mr. Mabee is also is also a Graduate of the Tennessee Real Estate Institute and both he and Mike Moon hold an Aging in Place Designation from the National Home Builders Association. Don Moon holds a B.S Degree in Management and Accounting from Rollins College. Mike Moon holds a B.S Degree in Real Estate Finance from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Mr. Mabee has a B.S Degree in Management from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Both Don Moon and Dale Mabee served on the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission together for a number of years. Mr. Mabee retired from the Commission after 22 years of service where he served as its chairman. Mike Moon is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Cornerstone, Inc., an advocate for historic preservation.  

Although the partners are well known individually for their quality suburban real estate developments over the years, this new partnership was formed with the goal of participating in the renaissance of downtown Chattanooga in a specific and meaningful way. The initial focus of this participation is the new development of the Walnut Hill Community and the Walnut Hill Townhomes. They wanted their first downtown development as a partnership to be distinctive and a positive contributor to the area in everyway possible. Considerable attention was given to the architectural design to insure a unique blending of traditions of those glorious old city neighborhoods that mature over time with the best aspects of Chattanooga’s urban experience. The partners wanted the designs to help create a sense of place in the neighborhood with a blend of old southern architecture and modern urban features. One means that this partnership used to accomplish this blending of traditions was through attention to detail. This included, but was not limited to, incorporating Southern-style porches, private court yards, attached carriage houses, ornamental railings, stately columns, and limestone foundations while offering the best amenities of modern day living.

This professional partnership gives the partners an opportunity to combine their experience, but also allows them to share a common goal to create quality developments in the community that they are proud to call home. The partners also have a collective respect for the environment. This was demonstrated in their development and building practices. Numerous green initiatives were incorporated into the construction of the townhomes and development itself. Considerable effort was made to save the existing streetscape trees during construction. Bio retention techniques were used for storm water management to limit storm run off and the existing asphalt parking lot on the site before development was recycled. Additionally, environmental and quality measures were incorporated into the actual construction of the townhomes themselves. Some of these measures include pre-engineered wood products that were used to produce less waste and afford the highest quality. Extensive insulation techniques were employed that exceed Energy Star and Earth Craft Standards. The installations of a number of water saving features to conserve water and limit cost to the residents are standard features in all of the townhomes.

The combined vision, experience and skills of the partners have made the Walnut Hill Community and its townhomes a truly unique opportunity for its residents to enjoy a quality life style in a great neighborhood setting and quality home.
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