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H I G H   Q U A L I T Y   B U I L D I N G    M A T E R I A L S
Green Building Considerations

Building Type: Single Family Town Home
Structure Type: Wood Frame
Exterior Foundation: Arriscraft Limestone
Exterior Veneer: Brick Veneer
Exterior Soffit: Cement Board with 5” PVC Crown Mould
Exterior Siding: Cement Board Straight Edge Shake Siding
Columns: 10” & 12” Square & Round Fiberglass Doris Columns
Porch Ceilings: 1” X 6” Tongue & Groove Pine
Windows: Marvin Integrity Windows
Front Door: ThermaTru Stainable Fiberglass Door
Exterior Doors:
(excluding garage doors)
Marvin Doors
Roofing: 30 Year Architectural
Courtyards: Brick Pavers
Railing & Fencing:  Powder Coat Aluminum
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